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Bolotana lies surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. And if the historical centre bears in its architecture the signs and harmonies of the medieval past, among the narrow streets and backdrops that make the geometry of the village even more intricate, the most famous attraction of Bolotana is the charming Villa Piercy, immersed in the verdant countryside outside the town. The Art Nouveau building was built in the late 19th century by engineer Benjamin Piercy, who had been entrusted with the design of the Sardinian railways. It is pretty, the villa, but what makes it special is its garden: its owner, in fact, often left for distant destinations and, on his return, brought back plants and flowers from the countries he had been to. Planted in the villa's garden, they thrived and today in this enchanting green space one can still see the many exotic species that make it unique.


08011 Bolotana NU, Italia

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