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Bitti is one of the most important centres of northern Barbagia, a village where traditional culture weaves its webs in flavours, in the traces of the most ancient history and in song!

Here, typical products and the ancient gestures with which they are still made are recounted in the Museum of Peasant and Pastoral Civilisation, while the Romanzesu Complex, one of the most important centres of Nuragic Sardinia, takes us back in time with the remains of this ancient village.

But, as we were saying, it is tenor singing that is one of Bitti's most precious jewels: a symbol of the island's intangible culture, it has been declared 'Intangible Heritage of Humanity' by UNESCO. The very interesting Multimedia Museum of Tenor Singing is dedicated to it, telling its visitors about the roots of this splendid tradition that has been handed down through the generations.


08021 Bitti NU, Italia

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