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In the heart of Alta Gallura, a breath away from the Valle della Luna (Moon Valley), the village of Aggius is woven into its territory like an embroidery. A village that enchants with its beautiful granite stone houses, its traditional culture is highlighted in the Oliva Carta Cannas Ethnographic Museum, while in the archaeological sphere, the Nuraghe Izzana is of particular interest. A land of skilled hands, Aggius is a village of great craftsmen who have always worked the ancient looms with passion and skill. The eyes are lost in the colours and weaves of carpets and tapestries, traditional saddlebags and furnishing textiles. The hands, especially those of the women, who still carry on the wonderful custom of the loom, tell of a beauty that must be caressed. With delicacy and respect, with the care that precious things deserve.


07020 Aggius SS, Italia

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