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An ancient hamlet immersed in pristine nature

On a spur of Monte Mattone in Molise, 730 metres above sea level, lies the charming village of Pizzone. In the province of Isernia, set in the extraordinary landscape of the Volturno Mountain Community, it is the gateway to the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park.

Immersed in the pristine nature of the grassy plateau of Vallefiorita and the Monti della Meta massif, it is the ideal place to enjoy rejuvenating walks through beech and maple forests. Pizzone is populated by a rich fauna, including deer, Apennine wolves, golden eagles and Marsican brown bears, to whom the Bear Museum in the heart of the village is dedicated.

The historic centre of Pizzone has three ancient entrances, Porta Lecina, Porta dei Santi and Porta Borea, all perfectly intact, which were created to “contain” the village at the time when the original settlements were united to create the present village.

We also recommend visiting the Church of San Nicola Vescovo, the oldest part of which was discovered after an earthquake in May 1984, and the devotional chapels dedicated to the Assumption, Saints John and Paul, Santa Liberata and San Rocco.


86071 Pizzone, Province of Isernia, Italy

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