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Monumental Complex of San Giorgio Martire


Three temples in one

A Byzantine temple, one Romanesque and another Longobard. The unusual union of these three places of worship forge the Monumental Complex of San Giorgio Martire in Petrella Tifernina, in the province of Campobasso. 

The 16th-century salient and lintelled portal has a lunette depicting a relief of the biblical episode of Jonah being swallowed by a sea monster. Inside, with a nave and two side aisles, the cruciform pillars culminate in capitals richly decorated with monsters from folk tales of the Middle Ages. Don’t miss the monolithic baptismal font, equally adorned with a series of bas-reliefs. 

It was believed that the Church of San Giorgio held the Holy Shroud before it was transferred to Turin Cathedral in 1578.

Monumental Complex of San Giorgio Martire

Via Cavour, 14, 86024 Petrella Tifernina CB, Italia

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