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Petrella Tifernina


Molise folklore

Perched on a rocky rise in the province of Campobasso, Petrella Tifernina dominates the Biferno Valley. In the small but charming old town, the Church of San Giorgio Martire is worth a visit. This monumental complex contains a Byzantine temple, another Lombard and a third Romanesque temple. Among the ancient palaces, don’t miss Palazzo Sette Medici with its arched loggia. 

Stroll through the streets, still paved as they once were, and fall in love with this village surrounded by unspoilt nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Rediscover the slow rhythms, rural simplicity and flavours of the past. Like the 13 courses served on 19 March, during the feast in honour of St Joseph. Try frascatelli, petacce, ricciata and u piccellato dolce

Other important festivities are the feast of St George, the village’s patron saint, and the sacred representation of the Temptations of St Anthony.

Petrella Tifernina

86024 Petrella Tifernina CB, Italia


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