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In the hinterland of Imperia, between the green of the hills, the blue of the sea in the distance and the yellow of the flowering mimosas lies Perinaldo, an evocative terrace on the surrounding landscape. Its is an area rich in high quality produce, including PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Perinaldo artichoke, a Slow Food Presidium: thornless, tender, it grows almost like a wild vegetable. This artichoke has a special history: it is not native to these lands but was imported from Provence in the Napoleonic era. Every year in May, the 'Rassegna gastronomica del carciofo di Perinaldo e dell'olio extravergine di oliva taggiasca' (gastronomic festival of the Perinaldo artichoke and extra virgin olive oil) is dedicated to these two products, and the streets of the village are transformed into a colourful market, with tastings, traditions and aromas. Finally, a curiosity: an important Astronomical Observatory is located here, in honour of Gian Domenico Cassini, the Sun King's astronomer, who was born right here in Perinaldo.


18032 Perinaldo IM, Italia

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