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The sky in a room: 10 hotels where you can sleep under the stars and rediscover yourself

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Sleeping under the stars, catching the trail of a falling star to make a last wish before drifting off to sleep, perhaps embracing the person you love: once upon a time, this was an experience taken from the nights spent sleeping out on the beach, among mosquitoes, humidity and aching bones. Today, there are numerous hotels in Italy that can offer you the same intense experience with the comfort of an exclusive hotel room.

Igloos with transparent shells on the seashore, bubble rooms nestled in the thick of a forest, cosy chalets or mountain huts with transparent roofs from which to contemplate the starry sky and spend romantic evenings at any latitude: these are the top ten glamping, bubble hotels and hotels in Italy that offer an all-round experience of summer nights, for an unforgettable holiday.

In South Tyrol, chalets with a view

south tyrol chalets

These are a contemporary version of traditional South Tyrolean architecture, the Skyview Chalets, on Lake Dobbiaco, a few kilometres from the Cime di Lavaredo: 12 glass cubes, perfect for romantic escapes.

Each chalet has a private spa with infrared sauna and, in the deluxe version, a jacuzzi on the scenic terrace. To ensure the privacy of guests, breakfast is delivered to the door every morning by staff on electric quad bikes. 

In Trentino, immersed in the forest

In Trentino, immersed in the forest

From the province of Bolzano to that of Trento: at Sant'Orsola Terme, in Valsugana, the Maso La Marianna proposes the experience of a night in the silence of the forest, in a room fitted with every possible comfort, but wrapped in a transparent inflatable bubble, surrounded only by the foliage and the starry mantle.

The bubble room is connected to the farmstead by a sensory path to be trodden barefoot.

There is a dedicated sauna and a spare room with a private bathroom and changing room.

The Lombardy cabrio-suite

The Lombardy cabrio-suite

Immersed in the vineyards of Franciacorta, just a few kilometres from Lake Iseo, surrounded by a park decorated with beautiful contemporary sculptures, the Albereta Relais, at Erbusco in the province of Brescia, offers its guests a special room, the cabriolet suite. There is a romantic surprise: at the touch of a button, the ceiling opens up to a starry sky, as if by magic.

This exclusive location is ideal if you are planning a declaration of love or a marriage proposal.

In Piedmont, a biosphere where you can (dis)connect

In Piedmont, a biosphere where you can (dis)connect

On the terraces around Gorzegno, in the province of Cuneo, in the heart of the Alta Langa, amidst vineyards and wooded slopes, a Martian fleet seems to have landed! These are the transparent spheres of Gaia's Spheres, a B&B that pursues the desire to re-connect with oneself and with nature, immersed in the greenery and tranquillity of the landscape.

Each sphere provides guests with a cosy space of about 20 square metres, with a double bed and a relaxation area with a scenic view.

However, you will not find wi-fi or a TV here; indeed, mobile phones should be left outside, in the baskets provided. The only noises you will be disturbed by are the calls of the hawks, and the wind blowing through the leaves.

In Tuscany, a bubble village for romantic escapes

tuscany romantic getaways

It presents itself as an experience for "emotion seekers", a destination where you can find space, time and harmony: this is Ursa Major Bubble, Italy's first bubble village, located in Camporgiano in the heart of the Garfagnana, not far from Forte dei Marmi.

Here, inside one of five bubble-suites overlooking the sky and a valley surrounded by the Apennines and the Apuan Alps, you will find relaxation and seclusion.

There is absolute privacy: each bubble room is in fact isolated and located on a wooden platform in the middle of a forest, and the path to reach it is exclusive and not shared with the other suites.

In Lazio, astrological glamping

Lazio astrological clamping

Perseids is the scientific name for shooting stars, also known as the ‘the tears of San Lorenzo'. Right in San Lorenzo Nuovo, in the province of Viterbo, 5km from Lake Bolsena, is the Le Perseidi Bubble Glamping site.

A "constellation-camping" consisting of a suite and three bubble rooms, from which to admire the sky and the view of the lake. The first is called Sol, and it is also equipped with a telescope; then there is Mercurius, Venus and Mars, whose colours recall the planets after which they are named, with four-poster beds, a mini-pool with hydromassage and a garden.

In Umbria, an eco-suite with a star-studded ceiling

umbria eco suite

Overlooking Lake Trasimeno, the Cantico della Natura, in Monte Sperello, in the province of Perugia, is an eco-resort converted from an ancient 17th-century convent, at the centre of an estate enlivened by an authentic ecological spirit.

As a sign of its continuity with nature, some of its most beautiful suites, the eco-suites, open up to capture the energy of the starry sky, thanks to a large skylight and windows that allow guests to enjoy a magnificent view of the lake at the same time.

In Basilicata, a bubble under the snow

snow bubble basilicata

In Satriano di Lucania in the province of Potenza, the Atmosfera Bubble Glamping site is a plastic-free settlement designed with care for the environment and a low environmental impact, thanks to a powerful photovoltaic system that makes it energy self-sufficient.

The bubble rooms, furnished with contemporary design pieces, have names that recall natural elements and are open all year round, in all weather conditions, even in the snow.

In Apulia, sustainable tourism one step from the sky

Puglia sustainable tourism

In the bubble camp located in the heights of Apulia, not far from the village of Biccari, on Monte Cornacchia, you can experience the magic of falling asleep just a step from the sky and waking up to the sounds of the forest.

Here, the bubble rooms, managed by a local community cooperative, have all the comforts of a hotel room and are built on wooden platforms immersed in nature. According to the intentions of the members, they support a sustainable tourism formula that does not need to alter the landscape in order to flourish.

In Sicily, the sphere in the farm

sicily farm garden

Sicily's only bubble room is decidedly 'green' and is located near Messina, within the Azienda agricola Villarè, overlooking the breathtaking panorama of the Strait of Messina, amidst fragrant fields and vegetable gardens.

The bubble, made of recyclable materials, can accommodate up to four people. It is ideal for an immersive experience in nature to be enjoyed by the family: learning how to cultivate a vegetable garden, improvising as beekeepers and playing amidst music, dancing and sensory trails, among rabbits, ducks and donkeys.

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