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Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso


One of the oldest parks in Italy, straddling the Aosta Valley and Piedmont

Between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont, around the Gran Paradiso massif, lies one of the oldest natural parks in Italy: the Gran Paradiso National Park. This vast protected area, which covers over 70,000 hectares, boasts a wealth of unique flora and fauna, including mammals such as ibexes, chamois, foxes and marmots, as well as birds typical of mountain areas, such as the rock ptarmigan, wallcreeper and golden eagle. 

This precious ecosystem is also rich in forests, where you can wander among larches, stone pine, spruces and fir trees. To get a taste of the local flora, you can visit the Paradisia alpine botanical garden in Cogne, but the best way to admire the vegetation, of course, is by immersing yourself in nature along walks and bike trails. The vast territory of the Gran Paradiso National Park boasts over 500 kilometres of trails that are suitable for even the most experienced hikers. 

If you are looking for an adrenalin-filled adventure, there are also plenty of rock faces perfect for climbing, while skiers will be spoilt for choice among the various facilities between Cogne, Chanavey, Valgrisenche and Locana.

Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso


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