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Hot air balloons: sailing ships of the skies

20 October 2022

2 minutes

There are many ways of getting into the air today, and hot air balloons are undoubtedly the most romantic and “slow”, truly within everyone's reach. Less intrepid people will prefer being able to climb aboard "ships" anchored to the ground with the certainty - after soaring into the air - of landing again in exactly the same place. Yet the secret of flight in a hot air balloon is to let yourself be lulled and carried by the currents, the impression of floating lighter than air itself. A crossing that - depending on the winds - can take a balloon in any direction, like a sailing ship ploughing the air waves. Flight altitudes are managed by the pilot using the characteristic burner in the heart of the balloon for the entire duration of the flight. Don't worry: you will always be followed by the team on the ground managing the trip, ready to pick you up wherever the balloon's basket touches down.

1. Lombardy: mirror-like water set in nature

Taking off and wandering the sky near Milan - in the lakes region - is an exciting experience with a unique view and feeling of freedom well worth trying. It takes just 3 hours to inflate and fly the balloon, pick it up after landing, pack it and return to the meeting point. 

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2. Aosta Valley: flying the Alps

Passion for hot air balloon flight in the Aosta Valley is handed down from father to son and fills the skies of this region with multi-coloured "ships". Soaring at more than 2000 metres over Europe's highest mountains is an experience embracing priceless views and unforgettable emotions.


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3. The Marches: a jigsaw of emotions

San Ginesio, Offida, Recanati, the Sibillini Mountains and Ancona: these are just some of the places where you can experience flying in a balloon in the Marches region. On reaching the cruising altitude, a sequence of hills and villages, streams, rivers and natural parks, rocky coastlines or enormous beaches unfolds down below.


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4. Emilia Romagna: in and around Reggio Emilia

Take flight to discover the landscapes of the Reggiano Apennines. Setting off at dawn to fly over the Emilian countryside as the night slips away with the first rays of the sun. Meadows, streams and ancient farmhouses immersed in green nature, with mountains defining part of the horizon.

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5. Latium: conquering Rome

The departure point is near Magliano Sabina and its archaeological area with remains of buildings and amphitheatres dating back to Ancient Rome. The direction is towards Rome itself, its hills and unique profile, following the course of the River Tiber through the countryside towards the city from above.

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6. Sicily: face to face with Etna

Etna is the highest volcano in Europe and still active: and a hot air balloon is the ideal way to "visit to the top" of this living mountain. There are several take-off points on its slopes,

but wherever you start from to fly around one of the symbols of Sicily you will not be disappointed by the spectacle unfolding below and all around you.

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