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Emilia Romagna; Tuscany

San Vicinio cycle path

An enchanting Apennine route in the footsteps of the saint, linking Romagna to Tuscany.

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One of the oldest and most historical in the country, the Saint Vicinius Trailextends between the provinces of Forlì-Cesena, Arezzo and Rimini. A circuit of roads and paths over three hundred kilometres long. The itinerary follows the ancient route taken by San Vicinio, representing the stages of his life and the places where the first bishop of Sarsina dedicated his work: from the Savio Valley to Monte Fumaiolo and on to the Adriatic Sea.

Like the Trail, the Cycle Path is also closely linked to the figure of the bishop and the town of Sarsina, which, besides being the point of departure and arrival, is also home to the thousand-year-old Co-cathedral Basilica where the Saint's remains lie.
The San Vicinio Cycle Path accompanies the Trail, further enriching it by following the same route, albeit, this time, on a bicycle. You ride through a typical Apennine setting, rich in fortresses, castles, wooded and wild areas, as well as the beauty of hilltop villages, art and culture, not least of which is food and wine.

Mountain biking route

Mountain biking route

On the road, beside the usual signs for hikers, we find specific notices and identifying stickers such as the 'O' of the Ciclovia logo, inspired by the stylised image of the collar of St Vicinio, a sacred relic used for centuries to bless pilgrims.
In some stretches, the route deviates from the more traditional forest tracks, leading to easier dirt or asphalted roads, but always with low mileage. Even so, totalling approximately 325 kilometres, with continuous rises and falls (more than 8,000 metres total elevation change), it is quite demanding. It is always advisable, therefore, to ride a mountain bike, rather than a gravel or e-bike.

Breathtaking views, small lakes and waterfalls

Breathtaking views, small lakes and waterfalls

Riding strictly anti-clockwise, the route takes us to Bagno di Romagna, then on to the Foreste Casentinesi National Park, to Monte Falterona and Campigna and then back to Romagna territory, passing through the municipality of Verghereto and the Le Balze district, one of the most renowned tourist resorts in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines.
Continuing past breathtaking views, small lakes and waterfalls, we descend towards the town of Sant'Agata Feltria in the heart of the Rubicon valley, then on to the municipalities of Borghi and Montiano, until we reach Cesena and finally return to Sarsina via the roads of Mercato Saraceno.

Many places of cultural and spiritual interest are encountered along the way. From the Monastery complex and theCamaldoli Hermitage of the eremitic community of Benedictine monks founded by St Romuald in 1025, to theAbbey of Monte di Cesena, the Parish Church of Montesorbo and the Franciscan sanctuary of La Verna, particularly known for the Chapel of the Stigmata, as well as the ancient Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Finally, we close with the museum dedicated to Saint Vicinius.

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