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6 must-see destinations for alpacas and llamas in Italy

Looking for places to see alpacas in Italy? We can tell you more: here's where to go hiking and walking in the company of these loveable animals.

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They are also known as 'the animals that always smile': we are talking about alpacas and llamas, affectionate and docile animals that you can get to know, cuddle and take for walks on a number of farms in Italy.

Would you like to experience a walk with alpacas and llamas, and brighten up your winter while admiring the wonderful Italian landscapes? We’re here to suggest the best alpaca breeding farms in Italy, places where you can hike with llamas and experience pet therapy with alpacas.

Walks with alpacas in Veneto to relax, perhaps with a little yoga

alpaca walk veneto

From the province of Verona to that of Vicenza, passing through the countryside on the outskirts of Treviso, it is not hard to find an alpaca farm in Veneto. Baby Alpaca, in the Lessinia regional park, is one of the places where you can go hiking, get to know these friendly animals at close quarters, and also practice some yoga.

On the outskirts of Vicenza, the A&Alpaca farm offers sensory experiences where you can immerse yourself in nature surrounded by the playful alpacas, with the option of easy walks or more challenging hikes. To discover alpacas in Treviso, on the other hand, we also recommend the Le Noghere farm, with guided tours of the farm and three nature trails to discover at the alpacas' pace: the Francesco Baracca trail, the Santa Croce sul Montello trail, and the Parco della Storia trail.

Alpaca walks in Lombardy: here's where to go a stone's throw from Milan

alpaca walk lombardy

If you want to go hiking with alpacas in Lombardy, you're spoilt for choice. For an out-of-town excursion in nature starting from Milan, you can choose the AlpaCamp - Campo degli Angeli alpaca farm, a small slice of paradise with an educational farm. Here, you can stroll through the beautiful surroundings of the Parco Nord.

Alpacas La Foppa awaits you on the outskirts of Sondrio for one- or two-hour walks with alpacas to explore the Valmalenco, while children can also enjoy wool workshops and other memorable activities. Also in the province of Sondrio, we recommend the educational farm La Bella Vita, which also organises summer camps for children from 4 to 8 years old.

Alpaca walks in Piedmont to delight the little ones

alpaca walk piedmont

In Piedmont too, an alpaca farm will provide a few hours of fun throughout the year.

ALPaTREK Valchiusella, on the outskirts of Ivrea, allows you to discover these friendly animals with 90-minute walks among the wonders of an area that is still little known, or 3-hour hiking routes suitable for those who already have experience walking on mountain trails. If you are looking for ideas for a Sunday outing in Piedmont with children, this is the place for you.

Alpaca walks in Tuscany: a great plan for a Sunday

tuscan alpaca walk

Spending a few hours surrounded by nature in the company of alpacas is a great way to spend a Sunday and discover the region in an unusual way.

The Villaggio Eden is an alpaca farm near Arezzo where you can spend a day in close contact with these animals and walk with them among the streams and centuries-old oaks surrounding Pieve Santo Stefano. Those who prefer to spend a few more hours with llamas and alpacas can also opt for a six-hour walk along the trails of the Tiberina Valley.

Among the vineyards and woods surrounding Grosseto, you should not miss the Albus Alpacas breeding farm, which offers hiking tours through the Tuscan hills and many activities with alpacas as the main characters: cuddles and petting, but also the chance to feed the many guests of the breeding farm and benefit from pet therapy thanks to the Alpaca Therapy programme.

Child-friendly alpaca walks in Lazio

alpaca walk lazio

For a trip away from Rome with children, just a few kilometres from the capital, in the heart of Tuscia there is the largest alpaca breeding farm in Italy. Piani degli Alpaca in Tarquinia has over 200 huacaya alpacas of different colours, and welcomes visitors and animal lovers from Wednesday to Sunday, offering alpaca walks and guided tours of the farm.

This alpaca breeding farm in Lazio also organises tailor-made activities with alpacas for both schools and businesses

Walks with alpacas in Basilicata, discovering the area

alpaca walk basilicata

Basilicata Alpaca is the only alpaca breeding farm in southern Italy, born from a love of nature and a place that is truly magical. Situated a stone's throw from the lake of Acerenza and the mediaeval village, it is an unconventional destination to include on the list of the many activities to enjoy in Basilicata.

Besides cuddling the many alpacas and walking with them, you can relax in the picnic area, try your hand at the workshops organised by the farm or rent electric bikes and discover the Basilicata landscape. Be warned, though, that during the winter period the premises are closed.

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