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Bellaria-Igea Marina


Bellaria-Igea Marina for a holiday full of sea and culture in the heart of the Adriatic Coast

A famous destination since the beginning of the 20th century: those who choose Bellaria-Igea Marina for their holidays are sure to return year after year. 

Spending a summer holiday in this tourist resort at the centre of Emilia Romagna’s Adriatic Coast means knowing you’re in for an enjoyable and safe family holiday, but also being able to count on excellent nightlife.  

Are you looking for wide sandy beaches, high-quality hotels and beach resorts with all the comforts you need for a carefree holiday? Bellaria-Igea Marina is the place for you. Do you love greenery, shady walks and contact with nature? Ditto. Can’t do without a bit of culture and history before indulging in a cocktail on the beach? You’ll be spoilt for choice between the Saracen Tower that has stood a few steps from the canal port since the 17th century, the Shell Museum housed in the tower, and the Red House of the writer Alfredo Panzini.

A holiday without ever leaving the beach

If your ideal holiday involves spending as much time as possible on the beach, the stretch of the Adriatic Coast from Bellaria to Igea Marina ensures just that. 

Why not start the day with breakfast in the shade of the beach kiosks’ verandas and then stretch out for a spot of sunbathing, choosing from the deckchairs and umbrellas that stretch out as far as the eye can see? When it’s time to swim in the sea, you can count on an ideal seabed with no hidden dangers, suitable for letting children play or for keeping fit with aerobics and water aerobics. 

The smell of freshly cooked fish coming from the restaurants will tell you that it’s lunchtime. You can choose from many zero-kilometre delicacies, accompanied by a good wine from the Romagna region.

After your post-prandial nap, you can refresh yourself with an ice cream or an exotic drink, take another dip in the sea and enjoy the pleasant music coming from the nearby bars. Meanwhile, children can enjoy Mini Clubs, Nutella parties and delicious watermelon slices on the beach.
And even at aperitif time you won’t have to leave the sand behind: the beach resorts are transformed into lounge bars and the fun continues until late in the evening. What a dream!

The cultural heart of Bellaria-Igea Marina: the Saracen Tower and the Red House

Bellaria-Igea Marina has many different sides to it. In addition to those dedicated to the sea and tourism, there is the more cultural one, ideal for those seeking a holiday balanced between relaxation and culture. 

The Saracen Tower is a reminder of the days when the area was constantly invaded by Turkish pirates and the Papal State decided to build a series of defensive towers.
Today, the upper floors of the tower can also be visited thanks to the Shell Museum that is housed inside. What better way to admire shells, the skeletons of marine organisms, crustaceans and turtle shells from all over the world?

We also recommend a visit to the Museum of History and Memory, housed in the old abattoir, which was built in 1926. With its fascinating exhibition of objects, documents and testimonies that trace the city’s history of tourism from the earliest settlements to the present day, it provides an important account of the area’s seafaring, fishing and merchant traditions as well as the culture of hospitality and seaside tourism.

The Casa Rossa (Red House), which was purchased in the early 1900s by the writer Alfredo Panzini, offers you the opportunity to attend receptions with writers and cultural events in the villa’s park, mainly during the summer.

Cycling in nature and nights that never end

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s not just beach and culture that are on offer here. Nature lovers visiting Bellaria-Igea Marina can take advantage of the “Sentieri per l’Uso” trail, which winds along the Uso river for 6 kilometres, starting from the town centre and ending at Villa Torlonia, Pascoli’s Poetry Park.

The cycle path is well signposted and also suitable for spontaneous cycle trips, with picnic areas, picnic tables, games and information panels. Keep your eyes open: along the route it’s common to come across many species of birds such as kingfishers and grey herons.


When evening falls 

The night is always young in Bellaria-Igea Marina. From the beach to the city streets, you can dance until dawn in the many renowned venues such as Beky Bay, a 360° arena on the beach for concerts, shows of all kinds and nightlife with top DJs.

For the nostalgic, the Mito Club is unmissable. This historic venue has existed since 1954 and has hosted artists such as Mina, the Nomadi and Adriano Celentano. Today, it’s a place where you can spend hours listening to music, with themed evenings, a large garden with a swimming pool and 2 cocktail bars.

Bellaria-Igea Marina

47814 Bellaria-Igea Marina RN, Italia


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