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Close to the sea and a byword for nightlife, Rimini is also a city rich in history and culture

More than two centuries of history have left unforgettable traces in the centre of Rimini, where in just a few steps you can pass from ancient Rome to Renaissance splendours and the charm of Fellini's settings. This is all just a short distance from the beaches, nightlife venues and the most popular amusement parks of the Romagna Riviera in Italy.

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Oltremare in Riccione: discover nature through play Between exotic habitats and typical Po Valley environments, the nature and technology park in Riccione invites you to discover the magical world of animals and the extraordinary story of their evolution. In Oltremare you will see performances by dolphins, falconry shows, alligators and kangaroos, meetings with trainers and even an art exhibition promoting the creative reuse of waste in cooperation with the Academies of Fine Arts. Dolphins are such a show In addition to the classic exhibitions of skill and play with dolphins, it is possible to take part in tours guided by trainers who introduce you to the animals, their behaviour, how they interact with humans and management techniques in an artificial environment. You will discover all the sensitivity and intelligence that characterises these playful mammals. Hunting birds of prey A free flight demonstration of eagles, owls, falcons, buzzards and vultures introduces the world of birds of prey, which are housed in the Owl Mill. With the falconry show, recognised in 2010 by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the techniques and tools used for training are revealed. And you will realise how close the bond is between a falcon and its trainer. In Australia with kangaroos In the Australian section of Overseas you can meet the wallabies, small and tender marsupials (they measure about 90 centimetres) from south-central Oceania. The fifth continent is also discovered with the profession of palaeontologist in search of fossils and gold nuggets. Darwin space and the history of evolution In a large greenhouse, you can discover the history of the evolution of the plant and animal world, from the first organic molecule to complex organisms. You’ll be guided to discover the differences between primordial plants such as ferns and more evolved plants such as angiosperms. Among the animals is the American alligator, which evolved more than 150 million years ago and survived the great mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs. In the Po Delta It is a journey along Italy's largest river from its sources to its Delta, a fascinating ecosystem rich in life, like all wetlands, and at the same time fragile and threatened by pollution. The environment is reconstructed through fisherman's huts and birdwatching stations, which can also be discovered through play: there is a labyrinth, a sensory garden, a long jump...

From ancient Rome to Renaissance splendour

Rimini is the city where past and present coexist in harmony with history, art and food and wine. Ancient Roman Ariminum, a medieval municipality and Malatesta Signoria, but also a therapeutic and seaside resort and Italy's holiday and nightlife capital. The thousand faces in Rimini never cease to surprise and amaze.

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