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The town of Soragna, the Lady of the Lower Po Valley, in Emilia Romagna

It boasts the title of “Signora della Bassa” (Lady of the Lowlands) thanks to its location and illustrious history.
The town of Soragna lies in the lower Po Valley, between Via Emilia and the river Po, and has an ancient history starring noble and enlightened families.

We recommend visiting the lavish palaces built over the centuries by these families, enhanced even more by the excellence of today. Soragna is also home to the Parmigiano Reggiano Museum and the famous Culatello di Zibibbo, a cured meat with a unique flavour.
Tempted to visit Soragna? We guarantee a cultural and delicious delight!


The aristocratic Rocca Meli Lupi di Soragna castle-palace, a treasure trove of history and art
Rocca Meli Lupi
was built by the marquises and feudal lords Bonifacio and Antonio Lupi in 1347 and later converted into a residence by the noble Meli Lupi family.

The first surprise is that the mansion still belongs to their descendants, who provide hospitality and play a central role in agricultural entrepreneurship.
Perfectly integrated within the town, from the outside it boasts the typical defensive structure, with a moat, four side towers and one central tower.

The second surprise lies inside, especially for art enthusiasts. From the 16th century, the fortress was transformed into a court residence, and everything inside has remained as it once was, in a seductive splendour: gilded Venetian-made Baroque furnishings and stucco work by brothers Ferdinando and Francesco Galli Bibiena depicting mythology and the feats of the aristocratic “tenants”.  Paintings by Felice Boselli, Brescianino and G.B. Lazzaroni stand alongside sculptures by Luigi da Co and Alberto Oliva.
Live the royal experience, exploring every room, not forgetting the most refined noble apartment on the first floor.


Soragna, an important focal point of Jewish history and culture
Here, where the Jewish community has a historically strong presence, there is a synagogue and the Fausto Levi Jewish Museum, which houses relics, ancient ritual objects and prayer books, as well as community testimonies. 

The light strikes you as you enter this Neoclassical synagogue: it filters through the large windows and lunettes, creating an atmosphere of deep spirituality. You can admire the ceiling decorations and the doors of the Holy Ark with the Bible scrolls, the candelabra, and the precious golden grilles of the women's gallery.
We recommend visiting the Synagogue on Sundays, when you can enter without a reservation.


The unique taste of a stroll in the town of Soragna
After leaving the Meli Lupi castle-palace, stay by the south wall and head through an iron gate. You will immediately find yourself inside the Parmigiano Reggiano Museum, a beautiful, remodelled 18th-century circular complex that once housed an old cheese factory. Get ready to discover every fascinating aspect about the production of Parmesan cheese as you admire displays of old tools and processing utensils, and historic images and photographs. In the Museum shop you can taste and buy cheese.

As you wander around the village among the elegant streets and ancient buildings, you will be transported to a dimension suspended in time. We recommend planning a gastronomic itinerary, stopping at the many inns and trattorias, including La Locanda del Culatello, a culinary favourite in Soragna.

You simply have to try the Culatello di Zibibbo, another divine local speciality. You can taste this famous cured meat as an aperitif or an appetiser on spectacular menus: agnolotti and ravioli, anolini della Bassa in broth, and rabbit and guinea fowl from local farms.


43019 Soragna PR, Italia

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