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16 September 2022 - 05 February 2023

Antonio Ligabue. The hour without a shadow


The exhibition "Antonio Ligabue. The hour without a shadow. ", Is a proposal created to confirm La Galleria BPER Banca's objective to think, project and make more tangible, the idea of ​​a vibrant, open minded and close culture.

The goal is to present to the public exhibitions that are always original, to be used as unique tools in dealing with themes that are also different in terms of content and intellectual depth.

On this occasion, the exhibition curated by Professor Sandro Parmiggiani Massimo, Italian expert on the artist, brings the works of Antonio Ligabue to Modena for the first time.

The exhibition is part of the program of the XXII edition of festival filosofia, of which BPER Banca is the main sponsor and whose theme this year was "justice". This touching and profound exhibition proposes to not just recount the history of the artist, but to tell the life story of an artist who, in the course of his existence, had to suffer and fight against prejudice.

From exile from Switzerland, to forced hospitalizations in a psychiatric hospital in Reggio Emilia, Ligabue’s life journey through situations and moments of difficulty lead us to reflect on the perception of diversity. His life marked by misery, abuse, humiliation and suffering, yet his art expresses a unique strength and vitality, which all too late was recognized by critics.

The exhibition and reflections on the theme, develop from four important paintings belonging to BPER Banca’s art collection. "Self-portrait with easel", "Lioness with zebra ”, “Plowing with oxen ”and “Returning from the fields with castle ”. These are exhibited next to sixteen works from private collections representing the main thematic strands to which the artist dedicated himself. From the relentless struggles among the wild animals, to the self-portraits, to scenes of work in the fields, in which reality merges into the gaze and memories of a lost homeland.

Antonio Ligabue had to fight every day of his life against prejudice. This exhibition aims to stimulate open reflection on the value of diversity, of inclusion, to combat all types of prejudice, to affirm strength in uniqueness, and for each individual to be respected and to feel at ease regardless of any specific condition.

To make absolute the feeling of inclusion, the setup of the exhibition space has, for the first time, been studied and designed ad hoc with the will to make it as usable and accessible to everyone, even to those who usually feel excluded. The purpose behind this exhibition is not to just convey a message of values, but to make them real by offering an inclusive experience to the visitor.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10.00am -18.00pm.

For the “festival filosofia” event the art gallery will observe the following opening times:

Friday the 16th & Saturday the 17th of September 9.00am -23.00pm 

Sunday the 18th of September 9.00am -21.00pm.

Closed for Christmas and New Year: 23rd, 24th and 25th of December 2022 and 30th, 31st of December and 1st January 2023.


For access and ticket prices of the event check the official website 

Le Mostre – La Galleria (

The exhibition will be open to visitors for free



For access and ticket prices of the event check the official website 

Le Mostre – La Galleria (

The exhibition will be open to visitors for free


Modena MO, Italia

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