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Terme della Salvarola


Salvarola Spa, for those seeking relaxation or a romantic getaway in the Modenese hills 

Immersed in a large park at an altitude of almost 200 metres between plains and hills, woods and vineyards, the Salvarola Spa in Sassuolo in an elegant Art Nouveau building from the early 20th century is a beautiful, secluded destination for those escaping the city and looking to treat themselves to a weekend of pampering and peace.

A trip particularly recommended for couples.


A reservoir of “divine” and medicinal waters

The locality is three kilometres from Sassuolo and about 20 from Modena. The therapeutic properties of the water used there were already known in Roman and medieval times. It is said that the powerful countess Matilda of Canossa habitually visited these places to benefit from them. It is no coincidence that the Sassuolo physician Giambattista Moreali, who founded the spa in the 18th century, described it as “divine” in a treatise.

The thermal cures here use three different qualities of water, classified by experts as salsobromoiodic, sulphurocarbon and sulphobicarbonatomagnesium, for the treatment of various diseases of the joints, vascular system, respiratory tract and skin.

At the Salvarola centre, you can undergo inhalation, mud-balneotherapy, gynaecological and hydropinic treatments. 

The spa complex also provides a polyclinic and a rehabilitation centre. 


The goal here is to recover fitness

Alongside the offer of spa cures, in its park of over ten hectares the Sassuolo complex also includes 2,300 square metres dedicated to relaxation and fitness recovery.

The Balnea Wellness Centre includes five pools and thermal pools at different temperatures with whirlpools, waterfalls, water games, vascular paths, gyms, sauna and steam bath.

There are also four gyms equipped for training, yoga, Pilates, spinning and rehabilitation. The sensory spa beauty centre offers a wide range of aesthetic and cosmetic experiences for all ages.

Among the more specific and gourmet beauty treatments linked to the products of the Modenese territory, you can explore wine therapy with Grasparossa and Trebbiano grapes, treatments and cosmetic lines with Vignola cherries, balsamic vinegar, clarified butter, grains and honey, and pumpkin.

If you can, make sure to take advantage of the oriental, holistic, lymph-draining, thermo-aromatic and anti-stress massages that the centre provides.


Excursions between castles and museums, from Sassuolo to Maranello

We are at the ideal starting point for itineraries through art and history and excursions into nature. You can reach Sassuolo from here, also by bicycle, and visit the Este Ducal Palace, a masterpiece of Italian Baroque full of frescoes, stuccoes, sculptures and monumental fountains.

The AMES museum preserves vintage cars and motorbikes.

Another experience not to be missed is a visit to the municipal vinegar cellar in Sassuolo at Montegibbio Castle, one of the oldest manors in Modena.

Or if you’re into cars, make sure to head to Maranello, just ten kilometres away from Sassuolo, which can also be travelled along a bike path, to visit the Ferrari museum.


Tigelle, gnocco fritto and lambrusco, to pamper the palate too

And you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to pleasing your taste buds after so many activities: you are in the heart of the food valley, where can choose from tigelle, gnocco fritto, tortellini and tortelloni and so much more, all accompanied by Vignola cherries and bensone, a typical oval-shaped dessert from Modena. The excellent local lambrusco will take care of the rest...

Terme della Salvarola

Via Salvarola, 131, 41049 Sassuolo MO, Italia

Call +390536987530 Website

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