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Castel Nuovo or Maschio Angioino


From royal seat to fortress, the castle relates the history of Naples

Find out the true history of Naples by visiting Castel Nuovo, or the Maschio Angioino. An imposing castle built in 1266 by Charles I of Anjou was the royal seat and cultural center that hosted artists and writers such as Giotto, Petrarch and Boccaccio. Later, it became a military fortress under Aragonese rule, given its strategic location. You can visit the internal rooms such as the Hall of the Barons, the main hall in the Castle, frescoed by Giotto, with a splendid octagonal vault and the Hall of the Armory where archaeological remains from the Roman era have been found. The Palatine Chapel is all that remains of the ancient Angevin palace and houses some sculptures from the Neapolitan Renaissance. The Castle houses the Civic Museum with frescoes and paintings ranging from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century and works of art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Castel Nuovo or Maschio Angioino

Via Vittorio Emanuele III, 80133 Napoli NA, Italia

Call +390817957722 Website

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