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Squillace is an Italian municipality of 3,641 inhabitants in the province of Catanzaro in Calabria. The historic centre rises on three hills about 344 metres above sea level and is closed by two streams, the Alessi and the Ghetterello. Squillace Storica is divided into smaller neighbourhoods, including the historic centre, and Squillace Nuova, a recently built district that expands from Viale Fuori le Porte to Contrada Micciulla. In addition to the districts, there are other smaller ones with a rural appearance. There are also many monuments and churches in the historical centre, including the Cathedral, the Norman Castle, the Town Hall and the Folklore Centre. Extensive restoration work has given the castle its long-lost grandeur, making Piazza Castello an important place for tourists who can finally enjoy the wonderful view.


88069 Squillace CZ, Italia

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