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Santa Severina


Halfway between the Ionian Sea and the Sila mountains, atop a cliff that stands out right in the centre of a vast valley, stands Santa Severina, which, seen from afar, looks like a gigantic ship in the sea of the Calabrian plain. Because of its position and the fortifications that protect it, Santa Severina has always been an impregnable place. Its castle, in fact, is a splendid example of military engineering: complex and still perfectly preserved, it consists of a square keep and four cylindrical corner towers guarding the territory. Inside, the mysterious underground labyrinths, stables, halls, beautiful frescoes and Baroque paintings by Francesco Giordano remain. Today, the castle is home to a museum and is definitely worth a visit, if only to relive the atmosphere its history evokes.

Santa Severina

88832 Santa Severina KR, Italia

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