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Cape Spartivento


The ancient promontory of Heracles

The southernmost promontory of the peninsula, Cape Spartivento, rises in the municipality of Brancaleone, in the province of Reggio Calabria.

What was known in antiquity as the promontory of Heracles, who is said to have rested here from his labours, is now a destination waiting to be discovered. The coastline alternates between beaches of fine sand and pebbles, surrounded by dense vegetation and Mediterranean scrub. The result is a panorama of great beauty and natural interest, an environment where the scent of jasmine wafts in the wind.

From Capo Spartivento you can catch a glimpse of the Sicilian coast and the profile of Mount Etna, strolling through a landscape enlivened by streams and kilometres of deserted beach. It is not uncommon to spot groups of dolphins, just a few metres from the coast.

The Cape Spartivento lighthouse, built in 1867 and renovated in 1910, is also worth a visit. Situated on a small hill 64 metres above sea level, it consists of a square white tower that rises majestically over a one-storey building. The light of its lantern guides ships on dark nights.

Cape Spartivento

Capo Spartivento, Italia

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