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Fiume Lao


Discovering one of Europe’s most fascinating canyons 

A perennial course on the Tyrrhenian side of Calabria, the source of the Lao river is in Basilicata, in the Pollino National Park, with the name Mercure. On its 55-kilometre route, it passes through several historically and culturally interesting villages like Laino Borgo, Laino Castello, Papasidero and Orsomarso, where it joins the Argentino River, its main tributary. After an underground section, it comes out and widens considerably, branching off in deltas into several secondary branches to flow into the Tyrrhenian Sea near Scalea

The Valle del Lao Oriented Nature Reserve, where the river valley stretches between woodland formations and Mediterranean scrub, is rich in stunning itineraries that can be travelled by mountain bike, from the paths that run alongside the watercourse to the beech forests of the Pollino massif. The more observant will be able to spot local fauna among the vegetation, like wild boar, wolves, foxes, golden eagles, peregrine falcons and imperial ravens. 

Due to its particular conformation, making it one of the most fascinating canyons in Europe, it is perfect for water sports such as rafting, canyoning, water trekking and canoeing.

Fiume Lao

87029 Fiume Lao CS, Italia

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