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Isola di Cirella


A must-see destination for diving enthusiasts

Situated off the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast, less than 20 kilometres from Capo Bonifati, Isola di Cirella is a small rocky islet of just 100 square metres rich in caves and coves, formed by the erosion of limestone rocks. The flora is typical of the Mediterranean scrub, with groves of euphorbia and lemons, surrounding the remains of a military fortification called Torre dell'Isola di Cirella. An ancient square building with sides about 10 metres long and walls 3 metres thick, built in 1562 to prevent Turkish pirates from attacking the nearby town of Cirella.

The island is uninhabited and there are no moorings, however it can be the destination for a pleasant canoe excursion, preferably relying on guides and organised tours. It's the ideal destination for snorkelling enthusiasts: you simply can't miss the enchanting seabed, especially on the eastern side, rich in marine vegetation and Pinna nobilis. If you are not an experienced swimmer, we advise against swimming to the island due to its distance from the coast.

On the mainland you can visit the medieval hilltop village of Cirella with the ruins of the Byzantine Castle, its tower and the Teatro dei Ruderi theatre, an evocative Greek-style structure built between 1994 and 1997 and currently used for shows and concerts.

Isola di Cirella

87023 Diamante CS, Italia

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