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Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley by bike: get your adrenaline rush at Pila Bikeland

14 September 2022

2 minutes

Speed and skill on two wheels: if you are looking for a route to enjoy in the saddle, hurtling headlong through woods and meadows, down steep slopes and along extreme trails, Pila Bikeland is the right choice for you. In the heart of the Aosta Valley, in the Pila basin, is one of Italy's most exciting bike parks. Let's discover it together with four suggestions.

Route Downhill

Concentration and quick reflexes are the essential requirements for downhill biking, which is considered the Formula One of mountain biking. There are some 16 routes on offer at Pila Bikeland, where countless competitions have been held over the years. Especially in the summer, the big bike stadium fills up with experienced bikers, armed with gloves, elbow pads, shin guards and protective helmets. Take a leaf out of their book and jump into the saddle at full pelt.

Route Freeride

Originating from the world of skiing, the freeride track is laid out on predominantly natural terrain. The Valdostan bike stadium offers various routes: the most adrenalin-pumping are the Pila-Aosta, which is steep and winding, and the Desarpa Bike route, which is both scenic and full of hairpin bends. Bikers have to contend with jumps and unusual layouts. Although the degrees of difficulty are signposted during the steep descent and there is the option of bypassing the most challenging parts, some experience is required to navigate the freeride slopes. Are you ready?

Route Cross-country

The ultimate discipline in mountain biking, cross-country racing is mostly a leisure activity, but it can also take the form of a proper competition. It still requires a certain amount of stamina and technical skill for the biker to ride on short circuits with steep climbs.

Pila Bikeland provides a network of trails, immersed in an extraordinary landscape and designed to satisfy both those who wish to pedal in peace and quiet and those who want to take on difficult trails. The level of difficulty is indicated by the colours: blue for the easiest trails, red for those of medium difficulty, and black for the most testing.

Route The Plan Bois track

The latest addition to Pila Bikeland is the Plan Bois technical track. It is about 4 kilometres long at high altitude along which bikers can train permanently. The track is easily accessible and well served by cable car from Aosta. It is primarily intended for mountain bike enthusiasts in the cross country X.C. version, the discipline that most closely resembles classic cycling. The facility hosts youth competitions and international events.

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