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Relax and wellness
Aosta Valley

Wellness break in the Aosta Valley, where nature is therapeutic

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With its spectacular amphitheater of mountains and woodlands, the Aosta Valley offers holidays immersed in nature, but also something more.
You could choose to regenerate your body and mind at one of the many thermal spas with accommodation facilities that offer complete wellness packages.

Would a wellness holiday in the Aosta Valley be something you would enjoy? Taking the opportunity to stay in an elegant hotel with a spa. Enjoying a healing trek, where the trees are your allies: have you ever tried Forest Bathing? It is an experience not to be missed, and would be an unforgettable moment of your holidays in the Aosta Valley.

Wellness packages all year round in the spas of the Aosta Valley

Wellness packages all year round in the spas of the Aosta Valley

A holiday in the Aosta Valley can only be completed taking advantage of the therapeutic thermal waters. The famous thermal waters of Saint-Vincent flow from the ancient source of Fons Salutis and are rich in minerals, ideal for beauty and healing treatments.

If you want to enjoy the effects of the particular bicarbonate, sulphate and alkaline waters, just go to the town's thermal spa, with daily admission all year round, or on a package deal that includes accommodation in the hotel with access to the center.
Take your time lounging by the pool, indulging in a hydromassage or opt for an aerosol session, nurturing the entire respiratory tract. Saunas and steam rooms are at your disposal. For a total wellbeing holiday, plan to stop in one of the many hotels with spa wellness centers.

The outdoor pools offer breathtaking views in every season, from white to green; in the caves that guard the pools you will feel like you are in a warm nest. You can also experience halotherapy that uses the properties of salt, for the health of the skin and respiratory tract.

At Pré-Saint-Didier you will find one of the most beautiful spas in the Aosta Valley where you can indulge your senses in the Bain du Feu. In this outdoor pool fed by the waters that descend directly from Mont Blanc, the water heats up, drawing on the minerals from the rocks as they reach the valley to transform into thermal waters. It is a wonderful way to experience the mountains in all their glory. After a day of skiing if staying in winter, or after fantastic walks during milder seasons. An energy rebalancing massage will get you back on track after a day of outdoor activities. The wellness packages also offer couples massages.

Gran Paradiso is right in front of you in all its majesty in the hotel di Cogne with its fully equipped spa. You will find salt grottos, heated pools on panoramic terraces, saunas and Turkish baths; in contrast try the ice waterfalls, best hold your breath!

Holidays in nature with Forest Bathing: tree hugging

a holiday in nature

From May to September, during the green months, some places in the Aosta Valley offer an activity which soothes the soul. Walking in the woods with your guides, experts in meditation practices in the Col de Joux - Saint Vincent, Lavesè - Saint Denis and Rhêmes areas. You would leave in the morning, for walks of about 3 hours in the shade of centuries-old larch and fir trees. Stopping in front of these giants of nature, closing your eyes, feeling their bark, immersing yourself in silence. Breathing deeply to absorb the energy and wisdom of the trees, clearing your mind of thoughts. The air is clean and healthy, dense with aromas that can help raise the immune system. You will feel new, in touch with yourself and with the eternal miracle of nature.
If you don't want to join the organized initiatives, you can just walk alone.  Keeping close to the trees, feeling a connection. Perhaps if you ask them, you will find that they will have many things to tell you.

A secret open-air itinerary to the fountain of youth

forest bathing in valle d'aosta

Ancient wayfarers and pilgrims who traveled the Via Francigena knew this place well and now you can discover it too.

Go to the small village of St. Rhemy en Bosses, near Aosta, take the municipal road that starts right from the Town Hall and head towards the village of Pleyney; from here take the mule track that leads to the Fonte Vallone del Citrin.

Once you arrive, after a fairytale-like passage through a spruce and alder forest, cup your hands and drink: the water is fresh and pure, slightly naturally effervescent, with proven digestive and diuretic properties. Water that feels like you are drinking for the first time in your life: sip it slowly with the indulgence it deserves. You will immediately feel better.

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