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Fontana Maggiore


The last journey of the ancient aqueduct of Monte Pacciano

It is the iconic monument of Perugia, located in the center of Piazza VI Novembre.

Built between 1275-78, it is an icon of medieval sculpture, made of Assisi stone by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano.

The Fountain, was erected in the center of the square to celebrate the completion of the Monte Pacciano Aqueduct.

It consists of two large polygon marble basins on top of each other, topped by another in bronze.

The lower basin consists of twenty-five sides divided into two panels depicting the 12 months of the year. The images represent agricultural work, allegories of arts and biblical episodes, and each month is accompanied by the zodiac symbol.

In contrast, the upper basin, held up by a series of small columns, is decorated with 24 statues of distinguished men from Perugia, figures of prophets and Old Testament characters, and other allegorical, sacred, and historical figures.

The basin at the very top has three statues supporting the amphora from which the water flows. These are the work of Rosso Padellaio.

Fontana Maggiore

Piazza IV Novembre, 06123 Perugia PG, Italia


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