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Sorano is a village that intertwines its history and identity with tuff, the material that gives life to the land on which it stands, resting on a spur overlooking the Lente river valley.

During the 18th century, the cliff to the north of the town, called Sasso Leopoldino, was fortified, but by the early 20th century the neighbourhoods that had sprung up near the Sasso were already beginning to depopulate because the tuff was showing clear signs of erosion. This led to the issuance, in 1929, of a royal decree stipulating the transfer of all inhabitants to another location, but fortunately this never happened, otherwise this beautiful village would no longer exist today.

In the decades that followed, the erosion phenomenon stabilised and restoration work was carried out. Now, with the definitive consolidation of the cliff, Sorano has returned to the lively and active village it has always been, surrounded by the evocative ravines and tufa ridges that always tell its story and the essence of its soul.

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58010 Sorano GR, Italia

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