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It looks like an artfully constructed jewel, the small village of Montemerano, instead it is a living place, where the few inhabitants have chosen to settle, to make it the place where they build their lives, intertwining with its beauty and history. The oldest centre is protected by three sets of walls and stands in a strategic position, on top of a hill from which it controlled the territory in the past: once inside, the magic of stone and light enchants the eye and one gets lost in admiring the buildings embellished with loggias and arches, plays of lines and flowers on the windows. The heart of the hamlet is the square, so beautiful that it looks like a painting, and on the right we find 'il Palazzo', an imposing building surmounted by the quadrangular tower of the Sienese Cassero. It is a charming and cosy little village, Montemerano, where travellers will feel at home, between a stroll and a glass of Morellino.


58014 Montemerano GR, Italia

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