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The Mascagni Festival at Livorno


Enjoy a fascinating journey as you sit in your armchair. Yes, it’s possible when you participate in the Mascagni Festival, held in Livorno between July and September. During this event the music of the composer Pietro Mascagni is presented at various places in the city where he was born. The programme comprises not only Mascagni’s works but also interesting blends with contemporary music. Take a seat, relax and enjoy the show.

This journey through a variety of musical dimensions will let us visit some of the most beautiful areas in the city of Livorno: the Mascagni Terrace offering panoramic views of the sea, the Old Fortress and the New Fortress and the Sanctuary of Montenero. And it doesn’t end there. The two events Terre Mascagnane and Mascagni Fuori Porta are held at locations beyond the borders of the “labronic” community of Livorno. The first project includes events organised at other places in the province and the second also in other countries.

It is certainly worth attending the concerts of the Rassegna Tramonto d’Amore held each Wednesday in August at the seafront. The performances are held at the Gazebo, near the Mascagni Terrace when everyone can enjoy the gorgeous view of the sunset illuminating the marine horizon.

For a period of eight weeks the historic centre of Livorno is enlivened by musical events including both lyrical and “sacred” repertoires, from the jazz medium to contemporary “contamination” trends, starting with the works of the celebrated composer but also exploring other genres.

For example, we are sure you will be intrigued by the so-called melo-logic format offering a hybrid combination of opera and contemporary music and the use of digital instruments.


Livorno LI, Italia

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