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Coreglia Antelminelli


Coreglia, a border village in medieval Lucca, contains its history as a land of passage in the etymology of its name, which derives from the Latin word 'Corrilia', meaning 'flowing trra'. A town beloved by painters, poets and men of letters for the enchanting landscape in which it is immersed, it welcomes visitors with its ancient churches, historic palazzos and, above all, with a museum that recounts what made this village famous throughout the world: the plaster figurine. Coreglia is in fact known for the activity of its figurine makers, which was already important in the 18th century and then intensified even further, to the point that many artisans from this village settled in the main Italian cities, as well as German, French, Swiss, English and Swedish, where this art of theirs was in great demand. A curiosity: among the most unusual pieces in the museum are 18th-century cats coloured with candle smoke and a large crib from the late 19th century.

Coreglia Antelminelli

55025 Coreglia Antelminelli LU, Italia

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