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Abetone Gravity Park


All the best of adrenalin and two-wheelers

The Abetone Gravity Park is a true institution for lovers of two wheels, Enduro and nature. Situated in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, on the border between the two regions, in the Abetone Cutigliano area, a renowned winter destination in Tuscany surrounded by a dense coniferous forest. 

Besides being one of the largest in Italy, the park has for years been a fixed venue for the Toscano Enduro Series championship and offers many areas dedicated to this adrenalin-filled speciality of motorcycling, marked by wonderful descents with cable car access and return. 

If two wheels are your passion, try your hand at 5 technical downhill tracks and 7 Enduro tracks - you won't be disappointed. Within the Abetone Gravity Park, there are trails to suit all tastes, ranging from "easy" with 300 metres of altitude difference to "very difficult", with an altitude difference of up to 700 metres and a length of 15 kilometres.

Abetone Gravity Park

Via Brennero, 489, 51024 Abetone PT, Italia


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