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Bleggio Superiore -Fraz. Rango


The ancient hamlet of Rango, in the municipality of Bleggio Superiore, is considered one of the most characteristic villages in Trentino. It is located a short distance from the Terme di Comano spa resort and just over half an hour's drive from Lake Garda. With its group of houses on the edge of the Bleggio parish church, Rango certainly represents the highest expression of typical Trentino rural architecture. Porticoes, cellars, entrance halls, paved streets and ancient stone dwellings densely distributed form the historic core of this village, a silent witness to the ancient rural life of Trentino, which still seems to permeate its streets, far removed from the frenzy of modern times. Not to be missed are the small School Museum, where objects and didactic materials from the first half of the 20th century are preserved, and the Christmas Markets, housed in the ancient vaults of the houses, which are among the most evocative in Trentino.

Bleggio Superiore -Fraz. Rango

Località Rango, 38071 Balbido-rango TN, Italia

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