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Food and wine

South Tyrol

Experience Törggelen in South Tyrol to savour the true taste of autumn

Törggelen is an ancient South Tyrolean custom.

02 November 2022

2 minutes

If you visit South Tyrol from the beginning of October to the end of November, get ready to party! This time of year heralds the end of the grape harvest and the arrival of new wine, the ripening of chestnuts and autumnal colours.
The locals call these two autumn months "our fifth season", a time to celebrate and taste typical products, with only one rule: conviviality.
Thanks to the initiative of 17 inns with the Red Rooster seal of quality, you can enjoy the exciting experience of Törggelen for yourself.

1. When does Törggelen start and what does it mean? Diving into its name

when does the torggelen starts in south tyrol

The term Törggelen likely derives from torrgl, the word for the room that housed the grape press. And that is precisely what is being celebrated: the end of the grape harvest.
It is a celebratory moment when everyone involved in the harvest gather to taste the unfermented new wine and the farms open their “stuben” (farmhouse kitchens), with tables laden with delicacies.
From roast chestnuts, the stars of the season, canederli dumplings and Schlutzkrapfen ravioli to sausages with sauerkraut, cured meat and Krapfen doughnuts.

The Törggelen tradition is particularly alive among the farms near the chestnut groves and vineyards of the Eisack Valley, along the Wine Road, in the Bolzano area and Burgraviato region.
In keeping with tradition, Törggelen kicks off in early October, at the end of the grape harvest, and lasts until Advent, when the pre-Christmas liturgical season begins.

2. Don’t miss out on the chance to take part in Törggelen

participate in torggelen in south tyrol

Visitors to South Tyrol during Törggelen can make the most of an initiative known as Törggelen Originale to fully experience the soul of the festival. This is a programme involving 17 taverns, known locally as Buschenschänke.
These taverns all boast the Red Rooster quality seal and can be recognised by a branch hanging from the front door with a red ribbon. The staff will guide you on walks through enchanted valleys, dipped in the yellow of the foliage, and take you to local farms after a walk through the forests. Taste the famous speck, a cured meat, accompanied by a glass of excellent local wine and roast chestnuts over an open fire, and warm your heart with a glass of grappa. All you have to do is choose which of the 17 participating taverns to visit.
Some examples to whet your appetite? The Oberpartegger tavern prides itself on its own fresh and cured meats, while the Rielingerhof offers fruit and vegetables directly from its own field. The pride of the Griesserhof tavern is its wine cellar, while smoked sausages, canederli dumplings and cheese gnocchi dress the table at the Pschnickerhof.
All the taverns, some of which also offer overnight accommodation, are surrounded by nature, tinged with flaming, autumnal colours. Take a seat on the panoramic terraces of the cabins where you can immerse yourself in the landscape, then move to the stuben with their traditional stoves to taste South Tyrolean specialities.

Visiting South Tyrol in autumn is an opportunity to share a special event with a proud population, tenacious custodians of their folk traditions and the most authentic flavours of rustic cuisine. Wine, food and conviviality: experience the magic of Törggelen.