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Relax and wellness
South Tyrol

Luxury wine therapy at high altitude: rediscover yourself in South Tyrol

Wine is not only good for the spirit, but also for the body and mind.

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In South Tyrol, a land of vineyards and outstanding wines, amidst enchanting landscapes and unspoilt nature, anyone who decides to visit can breathe in and savour the true essence of this product. Walking in the open air while admiring the beauty of the terraces, at the table savouring its full flavour, and in the thermal spas enjoying its therapeutic properties.

Scattered throughout this enchanting region are exclusive facilities where you can indulge in the excellence of the area and experience the benefits of wine therapy.

Scrubs, massages and various types of treatments are carried out with grape-seeds, the waste products of wine production, or actual wine to restore psycho-physical wellbeing and more besides.

The properties of grapes are well known: in particular the flavonoids, which slow down the ageing process, make it an extremely effective skin care product.  

South Tyrol and wine therapy, a long-lasting love story

luxury wine therapy

It starts at the Merano Thermal Baths, where the most popular treatments include grape-seed oil baths, South Tyrolean grape-seed peels and grape vitality packages. It continues in the best luxury hotels in South Tyrol where, surrounded by the wonderful natural setting of the Dolomites, combining wine therapy, wellness and tastings, the benefits for the whole body are amplified and intensified.

Autumn is the best season for an escape from everyday life in the best wine therapy venues in South Tyrol with the aim of rediscovering oneself.  

A wine bath, simply unmissable

luxury wine therapy marc

The Romantik Hotel Turm is a romantic 5-star hotel where rejuvenating yourself is anything but difficult This is a wellness hotel belonging to the Belvita consortium, in the province of Bolzano: here you can choose from a variety of wellness programmes and exclusive treatments with excellent ingredients.

The grape marc bath is an absolute must: it can be carried out alone or as a couple, and involves an enzymatic peeling based on cold-pressed grape seeds and a mix of fruit acids to regenerate the skin. All this is accompanied by a relaxing massage with grape seed oil on a warm stone bed. Alternatively, you can opt for a body peel with grape seeds mixed with salt and organic honey from the local area, ideal for exfoliating but also moisturising the skin thanks to the massage that completes the treatment.

A glass of South Tyrolean Lagrein complements the wellness treatment, for an all-round wine therapy experience.

Grape seed scrub and massage, for complete regeneration

luxury wine therapy grape scrub

The Hotel Der Weinmesser is a wine hotel in Schenna, where South Tyrolean wine culture is the focus of the rooms, activities and spa. The treatments are offered in cooperation with Vinoble, a company specialising in the use of wine in the beauty arena. The luxury treatment to indulge in is the complete package, which includes a sea salt and grape seed scrub, a bath in the Vinoble Barrique, during which you can enjoy a glass of red wine or grape juice, and a relaxing massage, of course with wine.

Body Peel: a good choice if it is grape-seed-based

luxury wine therapy body peeling

At the Romantik Hotel Oberwirt in Marlengo, it is worth spending the night, but above all, it is advisable to indulge in the relaxing treatments at the Amadea spa. Here, you can choose from a wide range of options, such as a body peel using honey and grape seeds, which are also used in the warm mud pack, ideal for deep relaxation and the release of muscular tension. A truly regenerating wellness session.  

In Val Gardena for a grape marc bath

luxury wine therapy val gardena

In the heart of the enchanted Val Gardena, in Ortisei, lies the Gardena Grödnerhof. With suites, restaurants and the renowned wine cellar, there is also room in this five-star hotel for the spa and its wellness centre.

With a wide range of wellness treatments based on wine therapy, the exfoliating grape marc bath is among the most relaxing. The treatment involves a mix of fruit acids that reduce thickening, dry areas, spots and wrinkles, making the often inadequately cared-for skin on the body smooth and firm again.

Wine therapy in the wine spa celebrating local excellence

luxury wine therapy spa

The Klosterhof wine estate is home to the hotel of the same name, a facility surrounded by the lush nature of South Tyrol. Here your wellness break will be completed in the wine spa, an ideal location for facial and body treatments that celebrate the local grapes.

Massages, peels and facials make use of resources such as grape seeds and the oil extracted from them, as well as grapes, wine and grape seeds, and then conclude with a break in the winegrower's Finnish sauna. This is the perfect place for a romantic, exclusive but above all regenerating holiday.

South Tyrol is an oasis of peace that combines relaxation and wellness with the uniqueness of a service such as wine therapy that provides unique experiences.

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