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Novara di Sicilia


There is a mysterious legend linked to the birth of Novara di Sicilia: it is said that the area was originally inhabited by Cyclopes and that only later did the village develop at the behest of the Saracens, who built a castle there. Today, only the ruins of the castle remain, overhanging the surrounding landscape. What has not changed is the view from this natural balcony, from where on a clear day you can see the Aeolian Islands. Two very different churches in the village are worth seeing: on the one hand, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, emblem of local art, in Renaissance style, majestic, rich; on the other, the small Church of San Francesco, essential, the oldest sacred building in the village. But Novara is also a village of traditions, such as the ancient Torneo della Maiorchina, a game of skill whose protagonist is... the local cheese of the same name!

Novara di Sicilia

98058 Novara di Sicilia ME, Italia

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