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Fascinating and rich in history, Castro-reale welcomes you first of all with its splendid panorama, but this is only the beginning... the heart of the village is the Mother Church, built in the 17th century, which hides a little secret: as you enter, you will notice the sundial line that crosses the floor and that was not destroyed by either wars or earthquakes and that, designed and built in 1854 by Nicolò Perroni Basquez, is still perfectly functional. Passing through the village, which astonishes with its elegant rusticated portals from the 16th and 17th centuries, we arrive at the Church of S. Agata, which houses the 17th-century cross of the Cristo Lungo carried in procession through the narrow streets of the village on 23 and 25 August and during Holy Week, and then on to the Frederick II of Aragon Tower, the only surviving trace of the ancient walled city (or castle). Finally, a sweet note: one must try 'u biscottu castricianu' or 'u biscottu da badissa', whose recipe has remained secret for a long time.


98053 Castroreale ME, Italia

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