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Santu Lussurgiu


In the heart of Montiferru, Santu Lussurgiu lies amphitheatrically in a cone of volcanic origin.

Worth seeing, in Piazza Mercato, is the church of S. Maria degli Angeli, built in 1483 by the Friars Minor Observant at the behest of St Bernardino of Feltre. The interior houses the wooden group of the Madonna of the Angels (16th-17th century), probably imported from southern Italy. Not far away, in the village's characteristic old core stands the small church of S. Croce, consecrated in 1185 and originally dedicated to Lussorio, the patron saint after whom the village is named. The "Maestro Francesco Salis" Museum of Peasant Technology, housed in an 18th-century manor house, is interesting: inaugurated in 1976, it exhibits more than 2,000 objects of ethnographic interest, mainly local work tools and everyday objects.

But Santu Lussurgiu is also an active handicraft centre dedicated to carpet weaving and the production of boots, saddles and any other object related to horse trappings. A tradition that culminates in the last two days of Carnival, with the pariglia Sa Carrela 'e nanti, an equestrian race along Via Roma. 

Santu Lussurgiu

09075 Santu Lussurgiu OR, Italia

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