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Santu Lussurgiu


Not many towns have the privilege of having the cone of an ancient, now dormant volcano as the backdrop of their settlement: this is the case of Santu Lussurgiu, a mountain village that rises on the slopes of the Montiferru chain, surrounded by verdant forests and the many water springs in its territory. It is thanks to its springs that Santu Lussurgiu has become famous with the Siete Fuentes di San Leonardo, the seven fountains from which a clear and very fresh water flows. The symbol of the town, however, is an animal of great elegance: the horse. The Regional Fair dedicated to this animal takes place here every year and the village is a major producer of equipment used in the equestrian world. Horses, finally, are the protagonists of the very famous Ardia di San Lussorio, which every year on 21 August keeps locals and visitors alike in suspense during the traditional race accompanied by singing and dancing.

Santu Lussurgiu

09075 Santu Lussurgiu OR, Italia

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