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A village perched on a limestone cliff, Posada preserves in its historical centre the ancient medieval structure, with its narrow, winding alleys, steep stairways, small squares and arches. The town is dominated by the Castello della Fava, a symbol of its past interwoven with history but also legends. Built in the 12th century, it is said that its name derives from a particular episode: around 1300 a fleet of Turks landed on the Sardinian coast and laid siege to the very village of Posada, trying to conquer it by starvation. To fool the besiegers, the inhabitants fed a pigeon the last handful of broad beans and then wounded it: the pigeon fell into the Turks' camp, who discovered the broad beans in its stomach and thus overestimated the islanders' resources. Thinking they had no hope of conquering them, they then lifted the siege and left the shores of Italy.


07052 Posada NU, Italia

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