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Perched on a promontory overlooking Sardinia's eastern coast, Posada embodies the combination of history and nature typical of the Baronie region. The location of this little village gives you fabulous panoramic views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, a feature that in other times had a more practical function: it was easy to spot the approach of pirates and invaders. Today, Posada has about 3,000 inhabitants, but the real witness to the strategic importance of this place is Fava Castle, which stands like a stone sentry, guarding the village. At the foot of the castle is the Church of St Anthony Abbot. In January each year, Posada (like the rest of Sardinia) honours the saint with an evocative fire ritual. The small and sombre church was built in the 12th century, but the building you see today is the result of many renovations. Today, Posada is a popular tourist destination because of its sandy beaches, but its small and charming historic centre is still a big draw for visitors.

Posada is also one of the 4 towns in Tepilora National Park, recognised by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve.


07052 Posada NU, Italia

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