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Located in the heart of Sardinia, on high ground in the southern part of the Marghine chain, Orotelli is a village that brings back to its architecture the dominant element of the surrounding landscape: stone. Around it, the granite rocks; in the heart of the village, the houses built with this same stone, a play of references and similarities that strikes and fascinates. It is always the granite that tells the story of ancient history, in the shapes and majesty of the nuraghi that are scattered throughout its territory, among which the nuraghe Aeddos stands out, immense, mighty. However, the heart of the local culture and tradition is Carnival: the traditional mask is that of the Thurpos, 'the cripples' who, with their faces painted black and long orbace clothes, impersonate the elements of the shepherd's daily life. You have to be there, at least once, to experience the Orotelli Carnival: be there and let yourself be enchanted by these archaic figures and their timeless dances.


07052 Orotelli NU, Italia

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