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A very small hamlet of about 300 inhabitants, Noragugume overlooks the Ottana plain, between Lake Omodeo and the Marghine mountain chain, dominated by the more imposing Gennargentu massif. The pretty and hospitable historic centre contains several religious buildings that reveal the close bond that unites its inhabitants and spirituality: the churches of Santa Croce, the Beata Vergine d'Itria and San Giacomo, the town's patron saint, are worth a visit, as well as the historic church of the Beata Vergine with its Gothic-Catalan layout. An inland village, it has a culinary tradition that derives from the ancient tradition of livestock farming: its meats, especially lamb and suckling pig, are excellent and tasty, and they  still cooked today according to ancient recipes.


08010 Noragugume NU, Italia

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