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It is the ideal place to reconcile sea and mountains: it is less than twenty kilometres from the Gennargentu massif and Lake Flumendosa, and about ten from the beautiful beaches of the east coast, including those of Tortolì, Lido di Orrì and Cea. Loceri is a small town of 1,300 inhabitants, nestled in the verdant hills of central-eastern Ogliastra and enveloped by a splendid landscape, inhabited since the Neolithic period as evidenced by the domus de Janas of Serra Paulis. The Cuccui and Tarè mountains protect hills and fields cultivated with vineyards and olive groves thousands of years old, watered by rivers and springs. The result is excellent cannonau and extra virgin olive oil, the staple products of the 'diet of the centenarians' of Ogliastra. The tradition of olive-growing is famous, and to learn about it, you can visit the ethnographic museum Sa Domu 'e s'olia, housed in a 1910 oil mill in the heart of the village. In a series of rooms, original tools depict domestic, field and feast life, the preparation of cheese, oil, bread and wine, livestock care, weaving and other crafts. A part of the exhibition is dedicated to traditional clothing and a 'corner' to traditional games. Exhibitions and cultural events are organised in the nearby 'Old Oil Mill' museum in another renovated oil mill.


08040 Loceri NU, Italia

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