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Roseto Valfortore


The village of Roseto Valfortore, which lies at the foot of the Monti Dauni, is a precious work of art created by the passion and skill of the local stone masters: portals, columns and bas-reliefs are finely embroidered by its stonemasons, giving the eye harmony and grace, which here know how to harmoniously intertwine with the strength of the stone. And if the ancient centre is a small treasure trove of sculpted matter, around the village it is nature that leaves one breathless: the realm of wolves and wild orchids, spring waters and black truffles, the landscape surrounding Roseto is rich and uncontaminated, and preserves another symbol of local culture... the watermills, now housed in the recently restored complex of the Mulino Vecchio (Old Mill) upstream and the Mulino a Valle (Valley Mill).

Roseto Valfortore

71039 Roseto Valfortore FG, Italia

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