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Located on the central-northern side of the Salento, Lizzanello rises in the Valle della Cupa. Thanks to its conformation, the territory surrounding it is particularly suitable for olive cultivation: from the village, the gaze wanders over the expanses of olive groves, making it an important centre for the production of excellent quality extra virgin olive oil. Strolling through the centre, not to be missed are the Church of San Lorenzo Nuovo, with its Baroque façade and two bell towers, built during the 16th century and then remodelled in the following centuries, but also the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception and that of the Annunziata. Lizzanello's ancient history is instead encapsulated in its castle, later transformed into a stately residence but still revealing its original function as a defensive fortress.


73023 Lizzanello LE, Italia

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