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Galatone, set on the slope of a hill, amidst rows of vines and fragrant fig trees, welcomes visitors to discover its Byzantine origins by passing through the Porta di San Sebastiano, the only one still visible of the ancient entrances to the 'kastellion'. However, the city's soul is also linked to faith and spirituality: the place that best represents this identity is the Sanctuary of the Santissimo Crocifisso, a pilgrimage destination that leaves one breathless with the beauty of its paintings and decorative elements. A story, it is said, is linked to this sanctuary: built on a first building following the discovery of an image of the Crucifixion, it collapsed in 1682 but, in the collapse, the lamp that illuminated the sacred icon remained lit and this sign was interpreted as encouragement for the construction of the second church.


73044 Galatone LE, Italia

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