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Copertino is a village of history and flavours, a village that enhances its past by projecting itself into the future. Home to the many wine cellars that have made its red wine famous, the land of production of an excellent olive oil, Copertino is a maze of narrow streets that lead to its historical fulcrum: the castle. This imposing building, where Isabella di Chiaromonte, the future ruler of the Kingdom of Naples, was born in the 15th century, represents one of the most impressive defensive structures in the entire Salento region. But the castle has not remained still in the memory of its past: today it is part of the 'Cassio - Ten museums to get to know the Italian heritage' project, thanks to which, in collaboration with the Italian Union of the Blind, the State Institute for the Deaf in Rome and the National Federation of Institutions for the Blind, it is possible to get to know some works through touch; in addition, subtitled films, printed texts and facilitated texts help to make this cultural heritage even more accessible.


73043 Copertino LE, Italia

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