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Collepasso, a village in the Salento hinterland, welcomes visitors with its historic centre in which to stroll around admiring the precious architecture. The Chiesa Matrice (Matrix Church) in Lecce stone and carparo is worth a visit, while the town's oldest church is the chapel of the Holy Trinity or Holy Spirit, which dates back to the 17th century. If you continue along the village streets, you will come across other buildings of great value, such as the Palazzo Nuovo and the Clock Tower. But a land is not only made up of history and culture: flavours and gastronomic traditions also contribute to tell its identity, and here the protagonist is mozzarella fiordilatte, known throughout Salento and beyond, to be tasted together with other precious dairy products such as burratine, ricotta and fresh and mature cheeses.


73040 Collepasso LE, Italia

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