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Turin turns sustainability into art

Turin, the beautiful capital of the Piedmont region, is not only an ideal destination for historical and gastronomic tourism, but is also the perfect destination to engage with urban art thanks to the project TOward2030 - What are you doing?

29 September 2022

3 minutes

This is a rich initiative that was launched in 2017 in partnership with Lavazza to take up the challenge presented by the United Nations: to pursue and promote the so-called 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 17+1 interconnected goals, interpreted by leading street artists who today animate the streets of the "city of four rivers" and proclaim the need to work towards a fairer world for all.

1. 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development

global goal sustainable development

These Sustainable Development Goals are interconnected and belong to a wide-ranging strategy of the United Nations Organisation to 'ensure a better and more sustainable future for all'. Also known as Agenda 2030, they recognise challenges that unite all nations, the close link between human well-being, and the importance of safeguarding the health of our precious natural systems.

Designed to encourage reflection and promote the resolution of all the most burning issues and problems related to economic and social development, the goals are:

1. Poverty alleviation;

2. Resolution of world hunger;

3. The right to health and well-being;

4. High quality education for all;

5. Gender equality;

6. Access to clean water and sanitation;

7. Dissemination of clean and accessible energy;

8. Decent work and economic growth;

9. New solutions in terms of business, innovation and the future;

10. Reducing inequality;

11. Rethinking cities and communities in a sustainable way;

12. Responsible consumption and production;

13. Fighting climate change;

14. Protecting underwater life;

15. Preservation of life on earth;

16. Peace, justice and sound institutions;

17. Solid partnerships to pursue all these goals.

These can only be joined by goal 0, greatly desired by Lavazza and supported by the city of Turin: the dissemination of the culture of sustainability according to a colourful vision, rich in contemporary art.  

2. The representation of the 17+1 goals in the form of street art

targets in the form of street art

Each of the proposed goals, including Goal 0, is represented by a wonderful mural created by an equal number of Italian and international street artists. It is a path that winds its way through the neighbourhoods of Piedmont's capital city and speaks a clear, impactful language that is suited to everyone.

In this way, the entire city becomes a spokesperson for the urgency of saving the planet to make it a fairer, healthier and more liveable place for everyone. This important urban art initiative transforms Turin, from the centre to the suburbs, colouring it as never before.   

3. Where can you view the murals of TOward2030 - What are you doing??

murals torino

These are the addresses and artists involved:

  • No Poverty in Lungo Po Antonelli 115, by Zed1;
  • No Hhunger in Via Edigi/Piazza Cesare Augusto 7, by Cultus;
  • Good health in Via Berthollet 6, by Gomez;
  • Quality education in Via Ottavio Mai, by Vesod;
  • Gender equality in Corso Belgio 79, by Camilla Falsini;
  • Clean water and sanitation in Viale Virgilio/Orto Botanico, by Hula;
  • Renewable energy in Corso Moncalieri 47, by Gerada;
  • Good jobs and economic growth in Via Giulia di Barolo 3, by Oko;
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure in Via Nizza 199, by Dzmitryi KashTalyan;
  • Reduced inequalities in Via Plana 10, by Fabio Petani;
  • Sustainable cities and communities in Lungo Dora Siena 58, by Ufo Cinque;
  • Responsible consumption in via Mantova 29, by Nevercrew;
  • Climate action in via Parma 24, by Mantra;
  • Life below water in Corso Regina Margherita 140, by Mr Fijodor;
  • Life on land in Corso Palermo 40, by Hitnes
  • Peace and justice in Corso Moncalieri 61, by Louis Masai;
  • Partnership for the goals in Corso Giulio Cesare 20, by Monkeys Evolution.

These are not only stunning works with a profound meaning, but also interactive experiences: keep your smartphone handy and you will be able to discover additional information related to each piece of graffiti. Conceived to respect the territorial and artistic identities of the city, the initiative was achieved thanks to the collaboration with the three historical Turin graffiti crews/associations (Il Cerchio e le Gocce, Monkeys Evolution and Truly Design) that acted as intermediaries between organisers and artists, in synergy with the Fondazione Contrada Torino and MurArte.

This will be an unmissable experience of social communication on the international scene: the many messages represented by the TOward2030 project will leave their mark on each and every visitor!

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