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The not-to-be-missed characteristics of Turin

Between ancient traditions and new frontiers, step by step though a city that knows how to amaze.

07 October 2022

2 minutes

After a 31-year wait, the Eurovision Song Contest is finally back in Italy, turning the spotlight on Turin, the city hosting the 66th edition of the event. The capital of Piedmont never ceases to amaze and with its unusual architecture, the Royal Chocolate Time and sustainable and innovative projects hides small and large characteristics to experience and explore.

1. Turin, the capital of chocolate and the Merenda Reale

Created in the 1700's in order to satisfy the appetite of nobles, this tradition has as hot chocolate or Bicerin, a typical drink made of coffee, cocoa and milk cream, as its protagonist. It is to be enjoyed with a selection of sweets. CaffèBaratti & Milano is one of the historical places where you can take part in the ancient tradition of the Merenda Reale. Take a seat and order a lovely hot chocolate! Curious fact: Did you know that the first chocolates were invented in Turin? They called them Diablottini!

2. Architecture in its most curious forms

Turin is architecture! While you tour the city through its squares and wide avenues, don’t forget to take a walk in Via Giulia di Barolo to admire Casa Scaccabarozzi. Also known as Fetta di Polenta (Slice of Polenta) because of its shape, this building, which was designed by architect Alessandro Antonelli, is one of the most curious pieces of architecture in the city.

Head towards Piazzetta Corpus Domini, look up to the fourth floor of the building located at number 19 and admire the Baci Urbani installation. We are talking about the work of architect Corrado Levi, a giant-sized piercing placed on a corner of the building. 

Admire the so-called T'oro, a work by artist Richi Ferrero. The animal with golden horns is the symbol of the city: according to ancient legend, a bull freed the city from the raids of a fearsome dragon, killing it. In gratitude, the population renamed the city and included a bull in the city’s new coat of arms. The bull therefore represents the city’s strength and desire for rebirth.

3. The open-air contemporary art of Borgo Campidoglio

The marriage between Turin and art is reconfirmed in the large space of a former working-class neighborhood of the late nineteenth century, Borgo Campidoglio, where you can find the MAU, the first open-air Italian Museum of Contemporary Art in an urban center. What does it feel like to walk inside an art settlement that houses 140 works of street-art? Discover it by walking among the works that stand out on the facades of the buildings in this neighborhood.

4. Sustainable shopping: the first Green Retail Park dedicated to the "Theme of Respect"

Turin is a surprising city from every point of view, even the eco-sustainable one. A new way of consuming, this is the theme at the base of the Green Pea project, the first green retail park in the world. Seventy-two businesses aimed at maximizing levels of sustainability while respecting the harmony of Nature.

5. The meeting with nature in the Botanical Gardens

Discover nature in its simplest and most wonderful form. The Botanical Garden of Turin in Valentino Park is a well-cared-for and welcoming space of over 2000 square meters. Take a walk through the colors of its splendid gardens and immerse yourself in a world of exotic species and rare plants.

If you decide to attend Eurovision, don't forget that the occasion is a good one to allow yourself a visit of the city of Turin to discover all its amazing characteristics!