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Vastogirardi is a small village that you come across after passing through a lush landscape of woods, springs and reserves. In the woods of Contrada San Nicola is 'Re Fajone' (the Pheasant), a very old beech tree about 500 years old. The old village is built on the hillside, dominated by the Castle and the church complex of San Nicola di Bari. The Castle, the Church and the historic village are surrounded by imposing walls that, with their narrow, winding alleys and ancient buildings, tell of the village's medieval past. Particularly worth a visit are the Palace of the 'Court of Justice', the 'Del Monaco', 'Marracino' and 'Del Vecchio-Scocchera' Palazziate Houses, whose architectural harmony takes us back in time, to dream of ladies, knights and duels to the death.

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86089 Vastogirardi IS, Italia


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