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San Pietro Avellana


You don't have to be a big city to cherish the stories, traditions, art and culture of the past, and San Pietro Avellana is proof of this. In the heart of an area of great beauty and unspoilt nature, this small village contains fascinating treasures of art and architecture. For example, the parish church of S.S. Apostles Peter and Paul, the hermitage of Sant'Amico immersed in the forest of the same name, the cyclopean walls from the Samnite period. There is also the Leopoldo del Re astronomical observatory and the planetarium that reproduces the vault of heaven with 20,000 sidereal bodies. But San Pietro Avellana is also the home of excellent gastronomy, with the precious white truffle, and the place where ancient handicraft customs have survived, such as weaving, thanks to which, with ancient gestures and methods, splendid blankets of a thousand colours are made.

San Pietro Avellana

86088 San Pietro Avellana IS, Italia

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